Do you have a yard that just doesn’t function for you or your family? Maybe it’s overgrown or you just need to figure out how to live in the space better.

Why not take advantage of your outside space? Maybe it’s finding a corner to place raised beds because you’ve always wanted to grow vegetables with your kids or maybe create a secluded spot for you to enjoy on warm summer months with family and friends.

We can help you with all of that and more. Remember we could all use a little more vitamin D, so let’s get outside and get started on transforming your yard into the private oasis you deserve to come home to!


Landscape Design Package

  • Draft plant layout for your yard to scale
  • Vetted contractor referrals
  • Bring the inside design direction to the outside (if applicable)
  • Suggestions to minimize yard maintenance
  • Create detailed plant lists
  • Work within planting budget
  • Incorporate pots, hardscapes i.e. trellis, benches, yard art, etc. when requested
  • Provide trend direction with Pinterest boards
  • Plant knowledge, right plant in the right place
  • Lighting
  • Yard art placement
  • And much more………